Fleet Children’s Science Museum and Balboa Park

On July 7th we decided to go to Balboa Park and visit the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. They had a lot of cool exhibits for the kids as well as a place called “Kid City” which is a lot like the Discovery Gateway museum in SLC. The kids loved it and we spent a lot of time there. After the museum, we headed over to a nearby park for lunch and played. We also walked around Balboa Park a bit.

That afternoon took a turn for the worse when my phone went missing. As it turns out, I had set it in the stroller and when Nathan folded the stroller and put it in the van, my phone fell onto the road. He didn’t notice it. I backed over it with the van. The guy who took our spot picked it up. We could see it on the GPS so we knew it was in his car. Nathan waited for him to come back to his car while I took the kids back into the museum. The screen was shattered, but it still worked! I had wanted to take the kids to the beach at sunset since it was our last night of vacation, but since it took so long to get my phone back, we just ran to the store to get some dinner and headed back to the hotel. Not a very exciting ending to our vacation, but I did get to take the kids swimming again. Here are some pictures from the day.

Their featured exhibit was called "Grossology" and was all about gross stuff like vomit, zits, and snot. I know, weird, right? The kids got a kick out of it, though!


Entering Kid City. Population: way too many little kids. Just kidding! It was actually not too crowded.


Playing in the ball area


Kaisa loved the computer games.


The shopping carts were a big hit.


As was the fire truck.


Harrison loved pushing the carts around, but he had a steering problem. I had to follow right behind to make sure he didn't run any other kids over!


Harrison also enjoyed this little xylophone.


Pretty cool mirror exhibit.


This exhibit had a tube that blew air and it suspended a ball in mid air. Everett LOVED this one!



This seriously freaked me out. It was an exhibit that took your picture and then aged it. The picture on the left is what I will look like at age 65. The picture on the right is what I will look like at age 65 if I don't wear sunscreen. I think I'm going to be wearing a lot of sunscreen from now on.


At the park


Kaisa found a friend with sand toys!




Leaving San Diego. What fun we had!!

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