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Dr. Nathan
The “Dr.” has stuck around the office so it’s included here.

This is primarily a family blog where Fiona can share news about our family, our interests, and our lives in general. It’s also a chance for me to test out my SEO wings. I currently employ my analytical and internet marketing talents as Ad Operations at (we do the We’re Related Facebok app).  I have worked in Product Management, and Director of Client Support positions at OrangeSoda, Local Internet Marketing and quite enjoy all things search. I’ve been in the industry since 2000.

This site is updated infrequently at best but I do try to do a little something now and then. Thanks for dropping in, please leave a comment or two!

5 thoughts on “Nathan

  1. Hi Nate, it’s Andy from Malaysia! Didnt know what the website at your MSN status until I found it here! :D Anyway, I like the purpose of your blogging. Keep it up ! You have a cute baby there! What a lucky father and husband! :D
    Stay in touch ok!

  2. Do you know anyone in Utah who speaks Bahasa Malay?

    I work as a Spanish interpreter for the Utah State Courts. The municipal court in Centerville is looking for someone to interpret for a Malaysian defendant on 15 April 2010.

    If you know any Malaysian speakers who live near Salt Lake City, could you please contact me or the court? Thanks.

    Luther Gaylord

    Centerville Justice Court
    Becky Kerr

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