Summer Pics

After our fun trip to California, we enjoyed the rest of our summer at home doing some fun things. Here are a few pics of the rest of our summer.

One day I decided to take the kids to a splash pad. They had been begging me for a long time. I got everyone dressed and went outside to find that it was raining! So…we decided to stay home and play in the rain, instead!

We also went to the Scottish Festival in Payson.

Loved this guy dressed in the traditional kilt stopping at the ATM!

We got some cream soda in this really cool bottle. Harrison kept trying to figure out how to get a drink.

Harrison loves his grandma!

Everett loved riding on grandpa's shoulders!


Kaisa had her dance recital at the end of the month. She attended classes at the Orem Fitness Center for the third summer in a row and loved it! This time, she took a ballet class.

At the end of July, grandma Wendy cam to visit! We had all kinds of fun, including a trip to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. Oh, and I chopped my hair off. :)




In August, uncle Matt (Nathan’s little brother) came home from his mission to Chile! Here are some pics from the airport:

We bought the kids some Chile flags to wave!


So excited to meet his uncle for the first time!

We made signs too!

There was quite a crowd of people waiting for missionaries that day! They were just starting down the escalator when this picture was taken.

There's Uncle Matt!!!

First hug goes to mom, of course!

Uncle Matt and Harrison meet for the first time.


So good to be home!


All in all, it was a great summer!








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