San Diego Zoo

After we went to Sea World, the Hobsons drove back to San Clemente and we stayed in a hotel in San Diego for the rest of our trip. I booked it through Hotwire and was pleasantly surprised! We got to stay at the Holiday Inn Express. They gave us the largest room in the hotel, a handicap accessible room that had its own private patio with a table and 2 chairs. That was nice because the kids got to eat out there. There was a refrigerator and microwave in the room, so I prepared lunches and dinners in the room to save money. The pool was right outside our room and I took the kids swimming each night. It also had free continental breakfast every morning and a huge bathroom. We slept SO MUCH BETTER there because we had a lot more room and it was just our family. This made for a much better day on the 6th of July at San Diego Zoo. And to top it all off, Harrison (who didn’t sleep AT ALL in Sea World) fell asleep in his stroller at the zoo for over 2 hours! We were able to go at our own pace and really enjoy the zoo. Kaisa and Everett had a blast, too. Here are some pictures from the day.

I didn't think to bring a backpack for myself. At sea world I kept having to drag my huge diaper bag every time I left my stroller. I got smart and used a backpack so I could have my hands free at the zoo. Nathan made fun of me because it was Kaisa's Tinker Bell backpack.


First stop: snakes!


Love the expression on his face when he saw this lizard!


I think the kimodo dragon scared her a bit. That is one big lizard!


Every time Kaisa saw one of these animal statues, she wanted her picture taken with it.


Petting zoo


And again...


Mom and Kaisa monkey-ing around


Love my kiddos!


The panda exhibit was our favorite!


If you look really closely, there is a panda in between them.


My favorite way to get up the huge hills at the San Diego Zoo...


More statue pictures...we were bummed because the real polar bears were hiding that day. It was hot.


Wow...that's a big bear!


Harrison woke up!




Thank goodness for that put him in such a good mood!


We rode the sky safari back down. So fun!


Riding the Sky Safari


To finish off the day, we took the kids to this little show. I was disappointed that there weren't any real animals, but these guys put on a really cute show.


This was actually the second time Nathan and I have been to the San Diego Zoo. We went when I was pregnant with Kaisa, so this was our first time taking our kids. It was such a different experience, and it brought me so much joy to see them having fun there. It also brought back fond memories of when Nathan and I were newlyweds. So glad we got to go!



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