First Snow and Birthday Fun

After the snow-less winter we had last year, we were SO EXCITED to get a decent snowstorm in November! The kids had stayed the night at Nathan’s parent’s house so we could have a date night for my birthday. It snowed like crazy all afternoon and night. The next morning the kids were begging to go play in the snow, but we needed to get them all snow gear. As we were out shopping, we found these awesome ice block makers. We tried them out by making an igloo at grandma’s house. It turned out okay for our first try, but it was not very stable. The kids got to go inside for a few minutes, and then I went in to take some pics from the inside. As I was crawling out, my leg hit something that caused the whole thing to collapse. I was sad, especially when the kids saw it and exclaimed, “Mom! You broke our igloo!” Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

So excited to go inside!

From the inside

Getting ready to crawl out...

It's collapsing on me!!!!


After our igloo collapsed, we went inside to get warm. My mother-in-law cooked a yummy birthday dinner for me and I got to open presents!

Sporting my cute new scarf while I excitedly examine my knitted uterus/pelvis mini model kit. Love using this kit in my classes!

I also got a rice cooker, new boots, a memory foam bath mat, an iPhone case, and organizers for my van.









One thought on “First Snow and Birthday Fun

  1. What fun. I think Nathan loosened something when he was in the igloo, which made if fall on you. What a great shot of you coming out of the igloo! Love it.
    Love the Uterus toy. I can totally see your kids playing with it and saying “Let’s play squeeze the baby out of the uterus” haha.

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