Thanksgiving at Camp Kiesel

This year we spent Thanksgiving at Camp Keisel. It’s a boy scout camp up near Ogden. Nathan’s cousin works for the BSA and gets to use it for free for one week every year. They decided to have the annual Judd family reunion there over Thanksgiving. I was a little worried that we would freeze, but it wasn’t bad. We spend most of our time in the heated lodge, and the cabins were heated as well. However, the beds were TERRIBLE. I had a backache for days afterward. Harrison also decided he needed to sleep on my chest that night, and he is HEAVY. Anyway, despite not sleeping well, we had fun!

Sleeping quarters

The lodge

We played a lot of games!

Cousin fun!

The people who braved the cold were rewarded with gorgeous outdoor scenery!

I am so thankful for my wonderful blessings. The Lord has truly blessed me and my family this year! It’s so great to have a day to reflect on all that we have and give gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all He has given us.

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