Baby Gear Reviews – Bath Time

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Bath Tub-I absolutely love this tub! This has been so great as Kaisa has gone from newborn to infant and I know I will continue to use it as she becomes a toddler. The tub itself has special hooks that let it rest over the sink divider. It comes with a mesh cradle insert for when they are first born and can’t be submerged in the water. It was so nice to lay her in that and just sprinkle the water over her! Now that she is able to be submerged, I lay her in it and it supports her quite nicely. There is also a toddler side for babies who can sit up on their own which has back support. There is also a little cubby to hold bath essentials while you bathe them! And all this for only $15! A great buy and a great product!

Wash & Lotion-I recommend Johnson & Johnson’s All-over Baby Wash. You can use it on their bodies and on their head, and it is very gentle. You don’t even have to rinse it off of them when you are done and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue! (I do NOT recommend the Huggies prepackaged baby washcloths that come with baby wash in them. I tried it and it left soapy residue all over Kaisa…you have to rinse baby off after you use them, and if you aren’t by a sink or tub, that is just not possible!) I really like Baby Magic lotion. The original scent with the pink lid is that wonderful baby smell that everyone loves! And it is also very gentle and has never caused problems for Kaisa’s skin.

Diapers-I highly recommend Pamper’s Swaddlers for breastfed babies. Their poo is more watery than formula-fed babies, and it leaks out of every other diaper I have tried! Even the Pampers have leaked on me a couple times, but usually they do the job just great! They have a netting in them that pulls wetness away from baby and sucks it into the absorbent part of the diaper quickly, preventing diaper rash and leaks. I really rely on these and they have almost never disappointed me! The downside-they are probably the most expensive diapers on the market. We bought an 80-pack at Walmart and figured they are 22 cents a diaper. Sign up for coupons at

Diaper Disposal-Do NOT spend big bucks on a diaper disposal system like Diaper Champ or Diaper Genie! They are inconvenient, costly, and really don’t do anything more for keeping smell out that a regular old trash can with a lid! I bought a tall plastic trash can with a flip-up lid at Target for $6, and it is so easy to use and keeps the smell out just fine!

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