Baby Gear Reviews – Swimming Time

I debated weather to add this to bath time but swimming is so much different. Swimming can be a fun and natural way for baby to play. They have been “swimming” around in you for a long time before they came out.

Swim Diapers-Kaisa and I are loving the swimming pool this summer at Garden Park! Here’s what I recommend for swim diapers: They don’t make Little Swimmers in a smaller size than 3. In addition, the Little Swimmers are not safe for poo-only pee, and with a 3-month-old, you are pretty much guaranteed they are going to poo. So…I found these really neat swim diapers at Target. They are non-disposable but they are guaranteed to keep out both pee and poo and you don’t need to put a regular diaper on baby. They even have matching tops so you can just use that as a bathing suit (I put my bottoms under a one piece). They really aren’t too bad to clean, just rinse them out and spray n’ wash them first. I think my little diaper was about $6, and they have sizes starting at 13 lbs on up.

Swim Toys-I bought an Aqua School Baby Boat at K-mart. I don’t recommend it for babies who can’t sit up on their own. I have to sit by her and hold her up the whole time she is in it or she will fall over. I think this will be really fun for her in a few months…or next summer. For younger babies, look for something with more support.

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