My Headboard

My good friend Natalie is a very talented and crafty person and gave me the idea to make my own headboard for our bed.  We don’t own a bedroom set, and I wanted something to spruce up our bed, and our bedroom, a bit.  Overall, it cost about $100 to make and took about an hour to assemble (with three people).  Thanks to Nathan and my great sister-in-law Rachel for helping me make it!!


In case you can’t tell, the fabric has bamboo printed on it (we have an Asian theme going in our bedroom).  I found it at the Home Fabrics store by Michael’s on University Parkway.  If you want to learn how to make it, just go here:,21770,845160,00.html

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One thought on “My Headboard

  1. This looks great! I really like the bamboo print with your bedding, nice work. I am glad it all came together.

    Now on to the next project, right?

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