Baby’s First Portrait

Our first little boyEveryone loves new baby pictures, and you are no exception. We’ll post more this weekend (hopefully including some video) so come back soon. This picture is taken by Debbie for Hospital Portraits. Fiona wanted me to point out this is a 5-7  pound hat (not the hat itself — it’s made for a five to seven pound baby), so it’s a little snug.  He’s very cute and Debbie even managed to get him to open his usually sleepy eyes.

Fiona and new baby boy are doing well and coming home this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Portrait

  1. Fiona! He’s so precious! I’m so glad he’s finally OUT and you can enjoy him now! I so hope to see you when I come out for my baby shower and I can’t wait to hear about your birthing experience this time!! CONGRATS!!

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