Baby Car Products Review

I have a couple more baby products to review on today. We finally installed some things in our car to make it more baby friendly, and here is my opinion of what we got:

Baby View Mirror-I purchased the Eddie Bauer Baby View Mirror from Target because it was only $10 and looked easy to install. Big mistake! As you can see from the reviews on Amazon, it is cheaply made and causes more trouble than it’s worth. The mirror hooks into the support with a ball and socket type of attachment, which is a good idea, except they didn’t use high quality materials or construction to do it. The mirror falls down on its own and is very easily moved when bumped, which happens every time I put Kaisa in her car seat. I always have to reach back and adjust it after I put her in. One time it fell completely off and in order to re-insert the mirror part, we had to take the whole thing out and it hasn’t gone back in since. I will probably end up trashing this one and getting something better soon, if not for the next baby. Spend a little more and get something worth using!

Sun Shades-We received these Sun Shades by The First Years as a shower gift and so far I really like them! They were easy to install, and seem very durable so far. They retract easily for those times when you don’t need them. There are two ways to secure them on the bottom…you can either use the suction cups or stick the included Velcro to the inside of the car door. We prefer the suction cups so we don’t have to worry about ruining the interior of the car, but they do pop off more easily so you want to make sure they are secured every now and then. It’s nice not to have to worry about the sun in Kaisa’s eyes, and it keeps the car a bit cooler when it’s parked in the hot summer sun.

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