Weinermobile in Provo, Utah

Have you seen this Weinermobile?Coming home from my brother’s bagpipe concert at Provo’s Library (great job Matthew!) we saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, of all the things. Although Kaisa was up past her bedtime we thought it was important enough to ketchup to the big dog. She may not have this opportunity again! We want Kaisa to grow up a well-rounded individual and good parents don’t pass up cultural icons…And we wanted to see it too!

Companies go to great lengths to get publicity and this is a great example. I wonder what would make a good OrangeSodamobile…? More pictures after the jump.

Weinermobile at the Provo Brick Oven

A rare glimpse of the Weinermobile.

Weinermobile parked in Utah

Weinermobile’s Plate

The Weinermobile has voice activated GPS, an audio center with a wireless microphone, a horn that plays the Weiner Jingle 21 different ways, is 27 feet long, 11 feet high, a stash of weiner whistles, gets 5 MPG and a top speed of 220 MPH due mostly to it’s aerodynamic design. Just kidding about that last two, although I can’t imagine it’s very good!

Fiona and Kaisa and Weinermobile

Weinermobile Jingle

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2 thoughts on “Weinermobile in Provo, Utah

  1. I have some mockups of what I think an OrangeSodamobile would look like, I’ll send them to you if you want to post them!

  2. I want to buy 1 of those!

    I guess a person’s car… sometimes reflects things about them.

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