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vote-button-election-293×290.jpg…for a baby name, what did you think we were talking about?  Fiona and I knew we would have a hard time choosing a boy name.  We’re now 3 months away and barely closer to choosing a name than we were 6 months ago.  So we’re opening it up to you, dear readers, to give us some feedback on a “short list” of names.  We’re still open to other names with the following exceptions: Steven, Paul, Heath, Matthew, Linus (I know…I like it too, Fiona shot it down), Timothy, and Gabriel — which have all been shot down hard for various reasons.  Leave other ideas in the comments.

There’s a poll on the right.  You can choose up to two names.  ‘Danger’ is under consideration for a middle name only and as such is not on the poll list.  If you have strong feelings in this vote then it is in your best interest to encourage other like-minded people to vote as well.  This poll is by no means final but it will hold a certain amount of sway in our thinking.  Ok, maybe just my thinking.  There may be another poll as we start to narrow down the choices.

This poll is scheduled to close at midnight November 30th.  Thanks for your participation in Decision ’08!  Vote Early, Vote Often!  Oh, and remember to vote in that other election too.

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15 thoughts on “Vote Today!

  1. I also like the names Kade, Bryson and Dax (although if I have another boy I want the name Dax, but I will still have some convincing to do with Trent so I wouldn’t be hurt if you used it)

  2. Kade was also previously shot down. I like Dax, but isn’t that the name of the girl on Star Trek? Yeah…Jadzia Dax. I think I’d have a hard time convincing Fiona of that too. Especially when she finds out the geek connection. But I don’t want that to discourage your guys.

  3. Good luck with picking a name. I like William, but if you’re not into ALL the nicknames that come with it, then I would pass on it. I kind of wish I would have used it with Scott, but I wasn’t into all the nicknames. ( I still really like it and if we have another boy I might use it any ways.)

    You should also post the results of your poll.

  4. But Harrison is three syllables! LOL. I also thought the same thing, but remember the Judds that used to be in the ward…they had a son named Seth, and I thought that one sounded pretty good. Seth David Judd. Or Seth Danger Judd (haha yeah right. I’m never agreeing to Danger).

  5. Harrison Ford works well, even with 3:1 syllable ratio. But maybe that’s because it’s so well known. But maybe Beau’s referring to the the way Utah people will say it: HAIR-sun. If there’s no chance for Danger maybe we can just go with Harrison Solo Judd (3:2:1 ratio).

  6. Connor Judd

    Baby Connor (but then you have Caisa (or is it Kaisa) and Connor. That’s too close and Mormon-ish to stay with the same sound. But it sure sounds like your baby.

  7. Yep, that’s why Kade is out. Although maybe, since it’s Kaisa, it wouldn’t be bad to have a “C” name. But I don’t know if I like Connor.

  8. No hard ‘C’ names either. And soft ‘c’ names just sound ‘cissy’ to me for a boy. No offense to all the Cyprus, Cecil, and Cipher guys out there. I can make an exception for Calvin Hobbes Judd though. :)

  9. Honestly, I can’t understand why Heath is out. Your brother doesn’t have a cool enough name? Lol. I like it. I guess it’s better if you don’t use it,… just in case we want a Jr someday. Haha.

  10. I have to vote against the unisex names Casey and Jesse. Do you want your kid to end up scheduled for girls gym or assigned a visiting teaching companion? (I knew a Jesse Rose, true story, he got a VT assignment in a new ward)

  11. What? No brothers names?? You’ll take first cousins but not brothers. Hummmm. There are three first cousin names of Fiona’s relatives, Alexander (Alex), Seth (x2) and Benjamin. Several others are second and third cousins: I have a 1st cousin Casey, Dad had a first cousin Hyrum I have a 2nd cousin Harrison. I voted for Jesse and Neal and I also like Everett but would like some more options. What else can you guys come up with?

  12. Hmm…if I don’t know they are your cousin then it’s too distant to worry about. And if we name him Alexander he will go by Xander, not Alex. And there are no other Seth Judd’s. So we’re good! Everything else we came up with was vetoed by one or the other of us.

  13. I really like the name Jess, it was in our final two, but Jace won over. We are into unique names so here is our list maybe it will spark some interest if you just haven’t found the name that sounds right. (no offense will be taken if some of these names are just not to your liking :)):

    Beckham or Beck

  14. Oh yeah, one more thing…… I don’t think it matters if you name your son something that starts with a K. It would be cute, like “These are my kids Kaisa and kenison” If you love the K name, who cares. Just don’t do what my mother in law did to my sister in laws: Dana, Shana, Tara, Tala and Tana.

    Have fun!!

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