September 2012

There were two exciting events that happened in September: my sister Bonnie got married, and Everett started preschool! We traveled to Arizona on Labor Day weekend for the wedding. It was SWELTERING but we endured it and were so glad to be there in the temple with Tom and Bonnie! It was a long road for them and they deserved the wonderful weekend they had. Tender mercy: despite getting a slow start and having battery troubles on the way down, we made it to the temple just in time for Bonnie’s endowment session. Yay! Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

She had a "Vintage" theme, and the decorator did an AMAZING job. Everything looked so perfect!

LOVED this birdcage! I helped make some of the pinwheels. She had bottled soda with paper straws in her wedding colors.

Each table was unique, but it all tied together well. This was another one of my favorite centerpieces.

Great little photo area. I meant to get a pic with Nathan here, but never did. :(

The cake!

This ice cream bar was TO. DIE. FOR. The cute guys in paper hats and bow ties were the perfect touch.


Bride and Groom

I think this is my favorite pic of the night...


So happy for Bonnie and Tom! They make such a cute couple. Yay for temple marriage!

Everett started preschool the week after we got home. He had been attended a couple of little classes with Kaisa over the summer, but this was his first “official” day of preschool. He was really excited and it was an easy transition since he already knew all of the teachers. He is attending at Kids on the Move with many of the same teachers Kaisa had, including Miss Brittanie and Mr. Matt.

In front of his classroom!


The rest of September was pretty chill. It was a month of figuring out my new normal with my life revolving around school schedules. I feel like I am constantly dropping kids off and picking them up from school, but it’s actually been great. I like having a more structured morning routine. I have two whole hours on Tuesday and Thursday with only one kid, so I run most of my errands during that time. I exercise at the gym most mornings, too. Then we come home, have lunch, and Harrison takes a nap while the other two get their jobs done and play. I usually work a little in the afternoon. I’m realizing that the next 20+ years of my life are going to be spent working around my kids’ school schedules. It’s pretty crazy, but good.


One thought on “September 2012

  1. Thank you for posting the wedding photos. Bonnie got the CD of photos, so I don’t have any yet. Maybe you could put your on a disc for me? It was a nice wedding wasn’t it. So glad its done though.

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