October 2011

I’m going to play catch up for a few posts…bear with me!

October was a great month! Not only did we enjoy cooler weather and a fun Halloween, but I also got to attend my sister Melodie’s birth and welcome a brand new niece! Kaisa loves having a cousin living so close…especially one as cute as Paisley! Here are a few photos from the month.

Ward trunk-or-treat. Kaisa was a princess and Everett was Spiderman. I did Kaisa's hair myself!

I found his suit at Savers but it didn't have a mask. I looked around the store and found the red had he has on. I took it home, used a permanent marker to draw a web on it, and cut out the eyes out of felt and sewed them on. He hated wearing them down so they spent most of the time on top of his head, like this.

This was one of my dresses when I was little. I wore it when I was a flower girl at my Aunt Judi's wedding. It's so fun to see her wear it!

I was a witch (hence the green face) but the hat I borrowed was too small and kept blowing off, so I ditched it. Harrison was a cute little tiger.


Trick-or-treating at Boostability

LOVE this pic! My baby and my babe!


This guy's costume was amazing! Ok, it's just a pumpkin head, but he's so tall and the pumpkin made him a giant!

Spiderman taking a break to eat a donut.

Getting ready to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Grandma Wendy got to come with us since Melodie was still in the hospital.

This is actually really funny. This is Everett's reaction to eating a Warhead. He ran around the kitchen and then promptly spit it out!


5 cm dilated. Looking gorgeous and staying relaxed!

Welcome to the world, Paisley!

Kaisa loves her baby cousin!

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