Good Morning!

Goal for May – Begin a Habit of a good Morning Routine. This is something I’ve had little to do with since the mission, although it’s a good idea. I would really like to start waking up earlier and getting a jump start on my day. In fact, “would like” is not as strong a phrasing as I’m going for here: ‘I am going to wake up at 6, eat breakfast, do some quick exercises, and be to work by 7:30′ (and home just after 4:30 if I can rip myself away from my great co-workers).

I’ve debated whether to share this and be held accountable or be on my own. But I need all the help I can get and if I feel responsible to others to do this then I’ll hold myself to it. The more people I can tell the better, even if those people don’t really care now, they will. :)  I need all the help I can get, and now is a great time of year for this goal as well. The sun is now rising at 6:25 (civil twilight is 5:55) and by the end of the month the sunrise will be just before 6AM! Daylight Savings is great, eh?

I believe this goal will be a good building block for other habits. As I said, it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time but now I’m making a concerted effort and pledging it to you guys, as Leo Babauta suggests in ZenHabits.  Talking with Carina yesterday we thought it would be great if we could go without any sleep, or just little naps. How productive could we be?! Assuming, of course, there wasn’t a need to sleep and weren’t constantly fighting off the Sandman.  This will be satisfying enough for now.

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One thought on “Good Morning!

  1. Nathan, I’m holding you to it man! I’ll be checking in with the boys every now and then to see if you’re still up to the morning routine. Good luck!

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