Kaisa Update 6/27/07

Hello readers of our family weblog! We are excited that this site is finally up and running (thanks a million to Nathan and his Project Management class)! Today Kaisa is 2 months and 16 days old. She is as cute as ever! She is starting to become her own little person and I can see her personality traits coming out. When she is hungry or tired she can be difficult, but usually she is such a good baby! She sleeps 8 to 10 hours every night! She loves people to play with her and talk to her, so I think she is going to be quite the social butterfly and needy for attention like me. :) Kaisa is learning how to use her voice and she coos and oohs and ahhs a lot. She has also recently begun experimenting with screaming. Oh boy! This even happened during Sunday School last week, much to her mother’s embarrassment! Sometimes she will make a noise, and I will just melt because it is the cutest thing I have ever heard! I will try to capture her different noises on video for you all to hear, but sometimes when I get out the camcorder she just stares at it and forgets about talking!

Kaisa hasn’t learned to roll over yet, but she has learned to somersault! The other day I put her on her tummy, propped up by the boppy pillow. I went into my closet to get dressed, and turned around and she was on the other side of the pillow on her back! I started laughing hysterically! I put her back on the boppy and asked her to do it again for mommy. Sure enough, she pushed with her strong little legs and catapulted herself over the top of the boppy, somersaulting onto her back on the floor. Hillarious! Now I know that I need to watch her closely when she’s propped up on things like that. Yesterday we put the boppy in a chair and let her sit up, and she held up her head and shoulders quite nicely and just sat and played with her toes. So cute! Kaisa also likes to blow bubbles and drool all over me. Sometimes she’ll blow a bubble an inch in diameter! What talent! Kaisa loves music and dancing with mommy. Her favorite moves are “YMCA” and disco. She also likes to shake her tail feather (aka diaper). :)

Kaisa also loves to be outside. She likes to swim and go on walks with mommy during the day, and in the mornings dad will take her out on the porch while he gardens. At night she likes to sit out with mommy and daddy while they bbq or visit with neighbors. Kaisa is quite the morning baby…when I get her out of her crib in the morning she will just grin at me like she is the happiest baby in the world! She wakes up ready to play and interact with everyone! What a cutie!

Well, I could probably go on for pages about Kaisa, but I’ll stop there for now. If she could speak English, she would tell you all that she loves you and misses those of you that are far away (Stapleys…sniff sniff)! She is sad that she can’t see you, but she will feel much better if you spoil her with gifts, and her “favorite grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle” titles CAN be bought (just kidding…hehe)!! Love you all!


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One thought on “Kaisa Update 6/27/07

  1. I’m hoping she’s not going to need <i>that</i> much attention. :) She really does love being outside and is very much a morning person (unlike her mom). Kaisa is very content to just be outside and look around — just as long as she’s not facing the sun. She clinches her eyes shut and shakes her head at the sun in defiance.

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