iHypnobirth Is Finally Up!

Some of you may have heard me talk about iHypnobirth.com, a website Nathan has been working on for me. Up until today it was just a domain name and empty wordpress theme, but thanks to my wonderful husband, it is now up and running with my first post!!

I am so excited to have this blog/website to talk about my hypnobirth(s). So many people ask me about it, and I am never sure how much they really want to know or whether they are just being nice. So here is your chance…if you really want to know more about it, go to my new website! This will also be a great place for me to blog about my pregnancy/birth experiences without using our family blog. (I know some of you that read this blog would prefer not to read that stuff.) :)

Take a minute to read the “About” page the first time you visit. It gives a lot of background into the method and why I chose it.

If you have any positive (please, not negative) birth experiences you would like me to share on iHypnobirth, feel free to email me or leave me a comment.

So…without further ado…


3 thoughts on “iHypnobirth Is Finally Up!

  1. Fiona’s also committed to posting everyday for the first few months. Way to go babe! Thanks for pushing me to get this up for you. I’ll happily take continued suggestions for the site.

  2. Sure, I am always willing to help people interested in Hypnobirthing with whatever they need!

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