Happy Fourth!

Uncle Sam Street ViewWhile mapping a route to our camping destination I found this easter egg.

There are lots of reasons that I really like Google.  I have my job indirectly from them, they have a plethora of useful products and services, and the positive and creative impact they have on society.  But few come close to my love for their child-like observance of every holiday, even the very obscure ones.  And they do it in a myriad of different ways, not just the logo changing (remember April 1st’s Google paper?  or Virgle?).  Here’s Uncle Sam facing the direction on the street map view while I’m trying to map out directions to our camping spot.  Very Clever!  So along with Google and thousands of kindergarteners in papier-mâché something-er-others, Happy Independence Day!  Be safe and have fun!

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One thought on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Hey Fiona! Thanks for the fun memory! One I have of you is when we were getting ready for concert (pretty sure it was concert!) and you came into the dressing room, which was the first time we saw you after your honeymoon! And you were positively glowing! You were SO happy and it really made me happy for you and excited at the prospect of marriage for myself! I also remember you telling me about his proposal…how he’d taken your scriptures and put HIS last name on them! SO CUTE! Hope you’re doing well! Are you doing a water birth this time?

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