The Early Show on CBS Announcement

Most of you know Fiona’s been in New York the past few days to perform John Rutter’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall (directed by John Rutter) with the Wasatch Chorale. The choir was highlighted on The Early Show on Channel 2 this morning. I got a text from her at 6:40 saying she had been interviewed! Awesome, right? I didn’t have time to watch it before work so I recorded it to watch later tonight.

My friend Hobby called this morning wondering if I had seen the show yet, I hadn’t, and he said that Fiona had “kind of made a fool of herself”. Oh no… We’ll let you see judge… I thought she was awesome.

Fiona announced K2 (kid #2) to 2.4 million people on CBS’s The Early Show. This was later re-broadcast on Utah’s KUTV 2 News (Where this clip came from). At this point I know just as much as you do after you watch the video.
And to all those who knew before I did, thanks for not spilling the beans before I went home at lunch to watch it! And thanks to CBS (and KUTV) for highlighting our special announcement!

**Update – Written story on KUTV here**

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6 thoughts on “The Early Show on CBS Announcement

  1. I can’t believe it! What a shocker! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric got my text this morning and I was too asleep to understand him. But I’m so excited. YAY!

  2. Congrats Fiona!!! Yeah!! I’m so happy for you! That was a really fun way to announce. I bet Nathan was shocked! Hope you have a fabulous trip!!!

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were pregnant. That is so awesome.

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