Happy Daylight Savings!

I like daylight savings. I woke up at a little after 5:00 this morning and read blogs/news, ate breakfast, etc. But DST isn’t as friendly to everyone. Fiona was still in bed when I left for work at 7:20-ish (the old 6:20, or is it 8:20?)…Hopefully Kaisa will adjust well. She went to bed early on Saturday **6:30!** so I could go to Fiona’s concert (great solo/duet Babe!) and she only took a short nap yesterday. Anyway — Overall I really like daylight savings — Not so much the lost hour of sleep, or going to work in the dark, or the overall grogginess of society, but because it means to me that spring is almost here! Well, at least it did…

How DST effects us all Daylight savings has gotten a little out of hand the past few years. With Congress using their flux capaciting powers to change the space-time continuum and make March, instead or April, the time that you “Spring Forward“. It’s interesting that as a country we all do something on the same day that we would NEVER think of doing otherwise, manipulate time. Other countries also have daylight savings, including parts of Canada and Mexico, and virtually all of Europe (sans Iceland). Some countries have tried it, some several times, and have given up on DST. These strange and exotic countries include China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Saskatchewan (you know it’s true). In fact, China has just one time zone making for a very early sunrise when I taught English in Ningbo, on the east coast.

Daylight savings was the brainchild of William Willet circa. 1905-ish, because he was dismayed at how Londoners slept through the best part of the day (pssst!…Early morning hours!). How come we can’t just let those that want to, like myself some mornings, get up earlier?

DST seems like an attempt to fix one failing system (incandescent light) with another failing system (Daylight Savings). The United States adopted the Daylight Savings system in 1918. DST may have been a good idea for half a century plus but times have changed. Today, Daylight Savings in some cases can actually INCREASE energy consumption.

So it’s just one of the quirks you get living in the United States, unless you live in Arizona, which is a quirk in a quirk, or quirk squared. :) Regardless of where we are (even Arizona) we are gaining about 3 minutes a day and we should be seeing brighter mornings (like last week) in 3-4 weeks! I’m excited to ride the scooter around without turning into a peoplepop! (that’s a frozen person if you didn’t catch on).

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