Catching Up

Aaaaa! Have I really not updated my blog in three months? Sigh. I’ll be better, I promise. Since I’ve sent out Christmas cards directing friends and family to our blog for updates, I had better get cracking. :) Here is a re-cap of our year!

Things have been well here at the Judd household. Harrison was born in April, and you’ll notice from my earlier posts that he was quite colicky. After I had Harrison adjusted, his colic was significantly reduced, and now that he’s crawling (yes, you read that right! crawling!) he’s one happy little baby. Kaisa absolutely adores him and wants to hold him and play with him constantly. Everett is warming up to him as well. It’s really fun to see all three of them playing together. Those are rare moments, but I sure do love them when they happen. Anyway, Harrison is now almost eight months old and weighs almost 18 pounds. He has four teeth (ouch)! He is very ticklish and loves to laugh at silly things. He is at that stage where everything goes in the mouth, so I’ve been re-baby-proofing the house. We sure love this little guy!

Everett is almost three and has started to act like it! He really holds his own in a family full of strong personalities. He learned to use the potty over the summer (hooray!) and is loving sharing a room with his big sister. He likes swords, superheroes, sports, and playing dress-up or tea party with Kaisa. He is so independent and loves to do everything himself. He’s very silly and so much fun to have around!

Kaisa is 4 and has been going to preschool again this year. She’s learning so much! She can write her own name by herself and recognizes the letters and numbers. She’ll be reading before we know it! She’s a very good big sister and is usually very helpful. Kaisa is a social butterfly and loves to make new friends. She loves ponies, princesses, coloring, painting, drawing, and playing with her brothers. She can’t wait to start kindergarten next fall!

I am busy, busy, busy–as usual. I auditioned for the Utah Chamber Artists last fall and was given a place in the Soprano section. I absolutely love singing with this group and feel it is what I have been looking for (at least until I get into the MoTab). I have to commute up to Salt Lake two evenings a week for about 6 weeks before each concert, but Nathan has been so wonderful to allow me to do that. I am still teaching HypnoBirthing classes as well. It’s been slow, and I’m hoping to see my classes grow next year. I was also able to assist at two births this year as a labor companion for my sister-in-law, Rachel, and my sister, Melodie. I loved both experiences and it has made me realize that I want to become a doula (professional labor companion). I’m hoping to get trained and certified next year and be able to start taking clients soon after. I have also started a monthly mother’s group where we discuss topics related to pregnancy, birth, and parenting. As a result, I’ve recently started cloth diapering! I’m still trying to get the hang of it, but like it so far. I am also working from home as a blog and article writer for Boostability (Nathan’s company) and somehow find time to cook, clean, shop, serve as primary pianist in my ward, and be a mom to three busy children.

Nathan is still working as the Director of Fulfillment at Boostability. He is the youngest member of the executive team! He loves his job and is really appreciated by his co-workers. It’s been a great fit for him. Nathan is serving as the ward clerk and recently took a class on basement finishing. We’re hoping to get started on finishing our basement soon. He’s also busy running a few websites (mine included) and is hoping to start generating more revenue from his various sites over the next year. Nathan is such a great father and the kids are always so excited when he comes home! He’s been so great at helping pick up the slack around the house–things have gotten pretty crazy since Harrison arrived! We’re so lucky to have such a great husband and father!

Well, that pretty much sums up our year. I’ll be posting some more pictures from the last few months as well, but here are our most recent family pictures for those who haven’t seen them yet.

Merry Christmas to all of you and best wishes for the new year!!

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