Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Actually, just dark chocolate, not white or milk, provides the antioxidants which can help lower blood pressure and help with bad cholesterol. It’s proven! And it’s been verified by many groups.

I just looked at a few studiesDark Chocolate Health Benefits but I was surprised of effect 100g of dark chocolate had over just 15 days. These studies used milk and white chocolate as a control, which provided very little, if any benefits compared to the dark chocolate. Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of the Blood Pressure Association, said “The benefits of eating chocolate are likely to be outweighed by the disadvantages as chocolate is high in sugar and fat.”

That’s good advice. With respect to my monthly goal, I’ll still continue the goal for January, but in February I’ll include dark chocolate, in limited amounts of course, and that’s good…I like dark chocolate. :)

No Chocolate – New Month’s Resolution

That’s right, not one chocolate chip this month. I’m halfway through the month and still going strong. But why chocolate? Why just a month? It hasn’t been as hard as you might think, but it has had an effect on my life.

Real or imagined, I’ve noticed two major impacts:Giving up Chocolate for a month!

  1. Self-mastery – I think any time you give up something you enjoy, for a good reason, you are going to feel more in control of your mind and your body.
  2. The Social Impact – People wonder why you’re not eating chocolate and most everyone around you is partaking of the delicious cacao but my friends and coworkers have been, on the whole, very supportive.

Why? A few reasons – the health benefits of not consuming extra calories, it helps me think about what I eat, and to show my wife (and myself) that I can do it. It’s easy to dip into the snack drawer at work and pull out 100+ empty calories that could have been satisfied with a small piece of fruit. I haven’t changed anything else about my lifestyle but this and if I like, I’ll add to it next month.

So why a month? I thought a month was a much easier and more manageable time frame than a year. Its also much less intimidating. At the end of the month I’ll consider this goal/habit “up for renewal”. If I enjoyed the previous month’s goal/habit then I’ll add another one. I may also modify the habit, or drop it all together. I’m doing a bit of reading online to find out more of the health benefits and negative effects of chocolate and will do a post shortly about that.

Going without America’s favorite candy hasn’t been easy, but for me the benefits have outweighed the chocolate.

WasatchWingz – SLC Chicken Wings

Best Wings in Utah!

Seriously! Fiona and I are self proclaimed chicken wing connoisseurs. Every place we go with wings on the menu, no matter how dumpy or popular the place, we get them if we haven’t tried them. Fiona loves the wings at Native New Yorker in Arizona and has sought to find a comparable wing without avail (and as an internet marketer I have to say Native has an awesome website). We were very excited to go to the Rocky Mountain WingShak and have since gone back and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite up to par…Not the local holy grail of wings we were seeking.

SLC Chicken WingsWasatchWingz is tucked away in an unassuming, older business park of Sugarhouse in the Salt Lake City Valley. To give you an idea of the caliber of wings they recently won The Rocky Mountain Wing Off. I’m not sure of the reputation of this group, but I definitely agree with them. We had the Spicy Citrus, Spicy Teriyaki, and ‘Honey and Hot’ wings, a half Wasatch Cheesesteak, and some of the most delicious fries you’ll encounter. After playing a round of foosball in the restaurant we sat down to enjoy our wings. First, the cheesesteak was fantastic. I’ve never had a cheesesteak so I can’t compare it with anything. It was just good. Fries, as I said, are heavenly — hot and crispy on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. WasatchWingz certainly knows their food! The chicken wings are, what I consider, perfect. The wings were crispy, saucy, wrapped around juicy meat! Mmmm!

WasatchWingz is located on 2020 East 3300 South in Salt Lake, on the south side of 3300 and all the way at the back in the corner. We have finally found the best SLC Chicken Wings, nay…the best in Utah! But we’ll keep looking. We’re looking forward to visiting Trolley Wing Company and WingCoop soon. If you’re ever in southern Alberta, Canada some of the best buffalo chicken wings I’ve had come from Rossco’s Pub in Medicine Hat.

Photo courtesy of Kelsey’s

The Bachelor – Puttering at it’s Best

I took Fiona to the airport this morning and she arrived safely in Phoenix with Kaisa. So I’m on my own now! I think she left a few bills on the counter thinking I would pay those… we’ll see. Last time I paid something that was just sitting out it had actually already been paid, just not filed yet.Plane

I’ve got quite a week plus ahead of me! A week of blogging, Christmas shopping, and doing odds and ends around the house. I may stay at work more…I may come home early just to enjoy the peace and quite. :)

It’s actually kind of an empty feeling coming home to a house now unoccupied. But I’m going to use the time to recharge my batteries the way I like to, doing nothing! Maybe ‘puttering‘ is a better word. I hope that Fiona and Kaisa have a good time and Grandma Wendy’s. It sounds like they have a lot of fun things they are going to do on their migratory vacation to Arizona. For as much as I didn’t say it before they left, I’m really going to miss them.

How to Get Your Infant to Take Medicine

Kaisa is nearly 8 months old and I’ve given her medicine only about half a dozen times or so. I’m sure Fiona will have some witty comment in response to this post, and I know this won’t work for everyone, but here are my thoughts about getting kids to take medicine.Give your Infant Medicine

Tangent story: I had a great dentist growing up. It wasn’t the sort of thing that I exactly looked forward to, but it was a tolerable experience. One time the dental hygienist made the mistake of asking me if I wanted to get an x-ray of my teeth and that it “may hurt, just a bit”. Why would I want to do that? What’s this lady thinking? Since she gave me the option I said no. The next time they I went in the hygienist just did it, made no fuss, and it was nothing. Seriously…why would that even hurt? As adults we can blow these little things our of proportion.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make it simple and natural
  • Create a pleasant situation
  • Create Curiosity

It seems to me that many times medicine is one of those things that we make a bigger deal than it really is. It’s not a big production, it’s just medicine. Fortunately, Kaisa’s at an age where she’s not defiant if she’s playing around and just being curious. If I can make her curious about the medicine then she’s going to have an easier time taking it and not freaking out when I give it to her. She doesn’t like to be forced to lie down, why would she be happy to take medicine when we’re creating a situation she doesn’t want to be in in the first place? The medicine people have tried their darnedest to make it appealing, I mean…c’mon, it’s purple, smells like bubble gum and tastes like grape, how is that not appealing? Medicine makes them better, it’s just like drinking anything else, and we’re really not trying to trick them — we’ll leave that to that “nice nurse” with the needle in her hand. Ouch!

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