Happy Fourth!

Uncle Sam Street ViewWhile mapping a route to our camping destination I found this easter egg.

There are lots of reasons that I really like Google.  I have my job indirectly from them, they have a plethora of useful products and services, and the positive and creative impact they have on society.  But few come close to my love for their child-like observance of every holiday, even the very obscure ones.  And they do it in a myriad of different ways, not just the logo changing (remember April 1st’s Google paper?  or Virgle?).  Here’s Uncle Sam facing the direction on the street map view while I’m trying to map out directions to our camping spot.  Very Clever!  So along with Google and thousands of kindergarteners in papier-mâché something-er-others, Happy Independence Day!  Be safe and have fun!

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Are you an Early Riser?

The most I can say right now is that I’m an aspiring early riser.  I’m torn between the soft comfort of my bed and seeing the sun rise over the mountains (which I’m doing right now) and getting a jump on the day.   Does anyone else have this dilemma?  Did you resign yourself to one or the other?  A couple months ago I committed to a morning routine…and it went really well, for about a week.

Today was a happy exception.  Fiona’s pregnant and not feeling well, (no, that’s not the happy exception!) and woke me up early this morning (that’s not it either).  She promptly went back to sleep.  I got up, did a variation of that morning routine from oh so long ago, and made myself an omelet and a  smoothie with so many strawberries that I tastes like I used half a bottle of grenadine.  That’s a good thing.

Bloggers like Steve Pavlina, Leo Babauta, and Dumb Little Man have helped me a bit with the early rising but I’ve still got a ways to go.  If you are one of those consistent early risers, what made you decide to do it?  How did you commit?  Or are you one of those people that naturally pop out of bed at civil twilight perky and productive?  (We hate you).  Thanks for your comments!

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The Early Show on CBS Announcement

Most of you know Fiona’s been in New York the past few days to perform John Rutter’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall (directed by John Rutter) with the Wasatch Chorale. The choir was highlighted on The Early Show on Channel 2 this morning. I got a text from her at 6:40 saying she had been interviewed! Awesome, right? I didn’t have time to watch it before work so I recorded it to watch later tonight.

My friend Hobby called this morning wondering if I had seen the show yet, I hadn’t, and he said that Fiona had “kind of made a fool of herself”. Oh no… We’ll let you see judge… I thought she was awesome. Continue reading

Fiona in NY

Fiona’s gone for the weekend but not forgotten. We all know she’s the favorite in the family, aside from Kaisa, to whom Fiona would have to plea “no contest”. But I think we’ve figured out a way Fiona can keep us all updated via her phone. So watch for those updates this weekend. I’ll be working on a raised garden bed in the backyard if anyone wants to help.

**Update** I didn’t get it working without flaws, but everything’s up-to-date as of Monday night.

**Update again** Everything looked good on my home computer but my work computer (and so probably most of your computers) is missing the pictures!  Sorry about that, I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

Astronauts Have an Awesome Job

In grade school I was once asked what, of a list of objects, would work in space. We has to carefully things about things like a rubber liferaft, whistle, lighter, matches, piano, and other random objects. I don’t remember much from that lesson except for a piano wouldn’t work because it needs gravity. But would a boomarang work? Make your guess and watch to see…