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19 Jun

Calan 120mg pills $118.00 I have been feeling very adventurous in the kitchen lately.  I generally play it safe with cooking and stick to easy and simple.  Maybe it’s Nathan’s request for fancy birthday cake, calan 120mg pills $118.00 or my desire to “spice up” my cooking skills, calan 120mg pills $118.00 but I’ve been trying out some more complicated things lately and documenting my experiments with the camera.  Here are a few of my recent creations.

Calan 120mg pills $118.00 Nutella Cheesecake.  Nathan found the recipe here.

Pretty straightforward as far as cheesecake goes, calan 120mg pills $118.00 with a couple of exceptions: add Nutella in the batter before baking and top with a dark chocolate glaze.

So delicious!

Calan 120mg pills $118.00 Raspberry-filled cupcakes.  I took these to Nathan and his co-workers on his birthday.  I found the filling recipe and tutorial here.

Making the raspberry sauce.

Finished filling, calan 120mg pills $118.00 with raspberries stirred back in.

I cheated and used a cake mix. Calan 120mg pills $118.00 If I had been really fancy, calan 120mg pills $118.00 I would have made them from scratch.

I used my Pampered Chef grapefruit knife to cut out the holes. Calan 120mg pills $118.00 It worked great!

Making the holes for the filling.

Cutting off the bottom of the "cones" to make room for the filling.

Pouring in the filling.

Putting the tops back on.

Then frost, calan 120mg pills $118.00 and voi-la!

Delicious, calan 120mg pills $118.00 raspberry-filled cupcakes!

Calan 120mg pills $118.00 This last one was WAY too easy to be considered adventurous, calan 120mg pills $118.00 but I just had to include it to show how easy it was and how amazing our new blender is.  It makes soup!  This took me about 10 min total to make.  If I hadn’t added the grilled chicken, calan 120mg pills $118.00 it would have taken less than 5 min.  And it was so delicious!

Add all ingredients (except chicken) in blender and press "soups" button.

Meanwhile, calan 120mg pills $118.00 grill chicken.

Add chicken to blended mixture and pulse 3-4 times.

Delicious cheesy chicken taco soup in literally minutes!

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